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Businesses understand that prevention is better than insurance. Introducing smart protection with Edge Protectors. Save effort, energy and loss of opportunity in a marketplace where seamless delivery is the new norm. Now possible in harmony with the environment.

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Save Packaging Cost

Avoid the common mistake of over packaging. By protecting at just the right places, effective protection is achieved without the need for heavy-wall boxes, or in some cases, without boxes altogether. Packing more than required decreases customer satisfaction and increases disposal effort. Edge Protectors work in multitudes of ways to achieve packaging protection without compromise. Talk to our Sales Engineers to see how our protectors can help you save.

100% Recycled Material
100% Recyclable Material
Overlap Outer-Ply

Protectors for Multiple Needs

Ensure your products reach recipients safely and intact. Our Edge Protectors effectively protect your packaging units against transport damage – from individual units right through to the protection of entire truck loads. Applied to the edges of your goods, boxes or pallets, they provide optimum protection. Additionally, our customized solutions for any type of sales packaging or shipping goods are all completely recyclable.

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Our Edge Protectors


Our Standard Edge Protectors are angular, exceptional in strength, and effectively protect your boxes, pallets, drums and sacks against transport damage. Available in various sizes and dimensions. Let us know your specific requirement, as we produce to each customer’s needs.


XQ offers up to 20% more strength than our Standard protectors. Through innovative production methods, the rounded corners enable XQ Edge Protectors to better distribute tension and tensile forces generated by strapping or lashing straps, and simultaneously reduce pressure on packed goods. With more quality, you achieve even more security.


CircoflexTM is ideal to protect products with both curved or irregular shapes such as coils, tubes, drums, and rolls of various materials.

CircoflexTM Edge Protectors wraps seamlessly around your goods, combined with our made-to-order capabilities, you can rest assured that your circular products remain intact and damage-free.

Pallet Alignment & Stacking

Expensive real-estate requires high-stacking of inventory storage where possible. Support yours and your customer’s valuable space by enabling stacking capability and reinforcing pallet alignment. Stacked pallets reside on Edge Protectors and do not touch or damage packed boxes.

Strapping Protection

Avoid strapping damage on products and boxes with strategically placed edge protection. Allow strapping bands to work effectively by strapping tight to support product alignment, without the worry of costly top and bottom strapping marks or box collapse.

Edge Protection & In-Pallet Portioning

Non-boxed angular products can be effectively protected with full-length protectors applied on the product edge. Heavy loads can also be in-pallet portioned and stacked, minimizing risks during manual carry.

Box Strength & Stacking

Strengthen boxes and save cost on wall thickness by reinforcing inside corners. Boxes made for stacking tend to be over-plied and heavier duty than required. Place our Edge Protectors inside box corners and avoid expensive corrugated ply. A right balance of protector and box wall thickness will save you significantly and provide a better high-stacking function.

Sacks & Drum Alignment

Align loose sacks and protect drums on pallets without the typical over-packaging alternative. Used properly and effectively, Edge Protectors are an ideal packaging cost-reducer and a protection-provider combination.

Round Edge Protection

fits nicely and beautifully on round edges of drums, coils and rolls to reflect the quality of your valuable products.  Rethink how your circular products can save on over packaging and provide the protection your products deserve.

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