Protects & Secures ROUND Edges

If you need to protect round or cylindrical goods during transport or storage, CircoflexTM  Edge Protectors can add an extra layer of security and defense. Whether it is paper or foil reels, coils, or any other product with curved edges, CircoflexTM  helps to guard your items against bumps and scratches and guarantees that every inch of your products remains intact.

Our CircoflexTM Edge Protectors are machine-cut and accurately punched, thus making them flexible. This means they offer optimal protection for your arched or curved goods that need to be packed and transported.

Perfect for coils, tubes, drums, and rolls.

These protection solutions lower your risks as any knocks or bumps from unexpected circumstances will be absorbed by the protector rather than damaging your products, and you will also save time when loading and unloading. What’s more, all our CircoflexTM Edge Protectors are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

With a bespoke design that allows CircoflexTM Edge Protectors to wrap seamlessly around your goods, combined with our made-to-order capabilities, you can rest assured that your products remain intact and damage-free.

Custom Circular Protection

Our tailor-made approach does not only constitute the length of the protector; we can also make uneven flap sizes and even adjust the thickness or strength without reducing quality. In fact, any of our Angular Edge Protectors options can be transformed into CircoflexTM Edge Protectors by machine-punching holes along the profile to add the flexibility needed to wrap around cylindrical objects.

If you cannot find suitable dimensions for your requirements, please contact us with your enquiry to discuss your measurements. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Available Dimensions

Wall thicknesses:
2 – 9 mm.
50 – 6,500 mm
Up to 90 x 60 mm