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125 years of


Envelop Protectors with an outer layer to provide a clean and dust-free protection, and the opportunity to enhance your brand right on your packaging in whatever color and logo combination that fits your marketing strategy.


The binding material that keeps it all together. It takes immense know-how to achieve whilst being non-toxic, food-grade and 100% recycalable. And, it's all made in-house.


It's all made possible with the engineering depth within the designs of our proprietary production equipments, and producing most of them in our own machinery workshop.


Protection made of 100% recycled paper, and fully recyclable. It was made for the circular economy, before sustainability became a necessity.


3 Ingredients - Nature In Mind


Our paper represents a commitment to quality, meticulously sourced from trusted suppliers with stringent quality control checks. Guided by our dedicated team, specifications adhere to a uniform rating scale managed globally. All paper holds value in our production, promoting circularity with minimal waste. When it reaches our customers, the paper remains easily recyclable, allowing a continued emphasis to environmental responsibility.


The adhesive compound mixture, our recipe honed over 125 years of production expertise, seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge R&D in engineering. This binding material, crucial to holding everything together, epitomizes our commitment to excellence. Formulated in-house, our know-how ensures a non-toxic, food-grade, and 100% recyclable composition. A level of thought and care we bring to every aspect of our production.


For over 125 years, we have devoted time to cultivate the art of paper, evolving it into a finely engineered product and a component fostering global industrial growth. Our engineers continue to blend innovation with century-old experience, steering the latest technology toward excellence. This achievement is made possible by the profound engineering embedded in the designs of our proprietary production equipment, most of which are crafted in our own advanced machinery workshop.

History Full of Know-how

A Century-Long Legacy: Navigating Entrepreneurship, and Industrial Evolution

How it all began…

At the end of the 19th century, Germany is on the threshold of the industrial age, affluence is growing, ideas of progress dominate the world of ideas. Seized by the entrepreneurial spirit, Alois Paul, in 1893, launches his cardboard box manufacturing company in Eulau in the Sudetenland region, today in the Czech Republic. Together with his son-in-law Karl Kunert he quickly turns the family company into a high-performance industrial operation. Already shortly after the turn of the century, corrugated cardboard has become part of the product range and since the 1920s, the company also offered paper cores.

Unbroken entrepreneurial spirit

At the end of WWII, some 14 million Germans were forced to leave their homes, either as deportees or refugees. The end of the war also marked a decisive point in the Kunert Group’s history. The Kunert family were expropriated and expelled from Eulau. 250 employees were left behind. The entrepreneurial spirit of their ancestors was, however, also deeply engrained in Karl Kunert’s sons. In 1948, they rebuilt the company – initially as Wellpappen & Kartonagenfabrik Paul & Co in a closed down skittle alley in Bad Neustadt and later as Paul & Co, Inh. K. Kunert & Söhne in Wildflecken in the Rhön region, today’s headquarters for the production of paper cores.

125 Years

Our Mile-stones Achievements


Expropriation and expulsion of the Kunert family from Eulau. The factory with 250 staff is abandoned.


The brothers Anton and Walter started again with paper processing and paper core production in a closed down bowling alley in Bad Neustadt.


Alois Paul launches cardboard box production in Eulau, Sudetenland.

Manufactured using the highest standard

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