Edge Protectors

Safeguarding Parama Cargo

Pharma transportation requires an extra level of care and takes some superior know-how to ensure products make it to their destination on time without being damaged. When carrying these cargos, time is of the essence, and arguably, transporting pharma payloads is more important than manufacturing them, as it enables these lifesaving medications to make it to where they are needed most.

Water Repellent Edge Protectors for Pharma & Fresh Products

Typically, pharmaceuticals are delicate and sensitive to temperature fluctuations, not to mention that they can also be expensive. Paul & Co understands that a pharma product’s integrity and quality must be maintained from the factory to the point of delivery.

Our Products


Our Standard Edge Protectors are angular and effectively protect your packaging units that need to be moved or stored worldwide – from individual packaging units to the protection of entire container loads. Our slim design en-sures that you do not waste any unnecessary room.


If you require more rigidity and stiffness, or higher quality for enhanced safety, our ‘eXtended Quality’ XQ Edge Protector offers up to 20% more strength than our Standard protectors. With more quality, you achieve even more security.

Moisture Coating

Our Edge Protectors’ liquid defense coating can also significantly reduce the need for secondary packaging such as plastic sheets, which improves packing times. Plus, the fact our packaging protectors are fully recyclable helps to minimize your disposal costs.

Available Dimensions

Wall thicknesses:
2 – 9 mm.
50 – 6,500 mm
35×35 to 90×90 mm.
Asymmetrical Width:
Up to 90 x 60 mm